Emily Zubizarreta is the Founder of Miami Women Who Rock, a network of South Florida women and businesses that believe in giving back to the community by supporting health-related causes and initiatives. Zubizarreta expanded the network to other markets forming Global Women Who Rock with a global vision and local missions. With over 25 years of experience spanning seven industries and multiple Fortune 500 companies, Zubizarreta has built a thriving career in international business and leadership development. She specializes in international business development, training leadership development, marketing, sales and advertising.


Zubizarreta was one of the first Hispanic women to infiltrate Wall Street where she trained MBA’s at Goldman Sachs in presentation and sales skills. In the 90’s, Zubizarreta was instrumental in launching MTV for Latin America. She went on to launch 10 other television networks including Nickelodeon, E! Entertainment, HBO Latin America and her own media company.


Zubizarreta is the author of “99 Tips and Inspirations on Starting a Business” and was featured on Wall Street Radio. With a passion to empower women and motivate them on rebuilding their lives, many of her programs have been dedicated to honoring and profiling women and their families in the Miami community.


Having once been a woman struggling to be successful in a man’s world, Zubizarreta started Miami Women Who Rock to serve as a platform help other women’s lives and careers flourish and to acknowledge the amazing women succeeding in her own community.  This innovative group hosts several networking and awards events throughout the year to raise money and awareness for important health related causes and initiatives. In October 2014, MWWR will host the inaugural "Fifty Shades of Pink" Awards Luncheon to honor 10 exceptional and diverse women for their strength, resilience, heart, compassion and commitment to their families and the Miami community.  A portion of proceeds from the event will benefit The Women's Breast Health Initiative, Florida Affiliate. Zubizaretta is committed to making the "Fifty Shades of Pink" Awards an annual event in Miami and expanding to other markets across the country, inlcuding first-stop: New York.


Born in Jersey City, NJ, Emily Zubizarreta is a true visionary and creative dynamo.  Even while building a thriving career, she has always made her son, Michael, the center of her life.  She never misses a family occasion or school event that’s important to Michael, and together they share a fascinating, adventurous life. 


Zubizarreta is kind, compassionate, and generous to everyone she knows; but she is also one of the most tenacious people you will ever meet.  Her motto is, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, and try again, and never stop trying!"