My Tap Shoes

I do believe "Every Shoe Tells A Story" and that my love affair with shoes started early on. Perhaps it was the beautiful shiny black patent leather or the dull nude matt finish, for me it was the definitive happy sound of the tip and the tap!  In High School, I had a flair for drama- some would say that continued for many years.  I loved my performing arts class and had dreams of being an actress.  Truth be told, my nickname by the age of  7 was "Tallulah"  fondly given to me by my Mother after an actress I had never even heard of, Tallulah Bankhead.  My claim to "Tap Dance Fame" was a performance to the song of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game".  

"My Tap Shoes" were packed up with me when I went to college.  My first summer- 45 minutes away from home to be exact because I lived in North Bergen, NJ and was allowed to go away to school at Rutgers University.  So much happens in those formative years between 18 and 21.  It was in those early years, my Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  While the science is not like it is today, her battle, recovery, courage and strength are a source of inspiration for me.  I dedicated our first "Fifty Shades of Pink" event to Mom when she was still alive in 2014.  As Mother's Day is just a few weeks away, I am reminded of Mom and her tremendous passion for shoes.  I guess "the apple does not fall far from the tree".  She would have a yearly shoe request, invariably a different color to match a dress she was planning on wearing.  

While I no longer have a physical pair of tap shoes, I carry a pair in my heart.  They are symbolic to me in the journey of life.  I am filled with courage, hope and faith because I know that whatever challenges we face that life is a gift and everyday is a treasure.  As a Mother, I have encouraged my son to always "have an attitude of gratitude".  "Gratitude is the parent of all virtues" and I am so grateful for "My Tap Shoes" and all they taught me.  Staying in gratitude we smile in our hearts but the days that are tough we "Tap Dance" our way through.

Posted on April 17, 2016 .